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About Us


Sons Ahmed El-Shafei company for leather tanning is an Egyptian company located in the city of Alexandria, and Mr. Ahmed El-Shafei founded in 1968 .

obdot a small factory for leather tanning and was allocated in the production of goat and sheep skins.
Then the company has evolved after the inauguration of Messrs Mohammed and Osama El-Shafei Ida expanded area were added several buildings wards tanning of the company and the design of an administrative structure and become one of the largest tanneries in Alexandria, specializing in the production of skins Karst from bovine skin and buffalo and Allbani for use in shoes, bags and belts and upholstery.
The company relies on its production to use the best raw materials both skins or chemicals from the world’s largest chemical companies and specialized use of the latest tanning machines and modern technology in production.
The company is the entire output to many countries in the world export.
The company continues to evolve day by day.

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